Body Hand Emoji Text Collection 👋👀👊👅👌

  • 👋Waving Hand
  • 🤚Back Hand
  • 🖐️Hand Splayed
  • Raised Hand
  • 🖖Vulcan Salute
  • 👌OK Hand
  • 🤏Pinching Hand
  • ✌️Victory Hand
  • 🤞Crossed Fingers
  • 🤟Love Gesture
  • 🤘Sign Horns
  • 🤙Call Me Hand
  • 👈Pointing Left
  • 👉Pointing Right
  • 👆Pointing Up
  • 🖕Middle Finger
  • 👇Pointing Down
  • ☝️Pointing Up
  • 👍Thumbs Up
  • 👎Thumbs Down
  • Raised Fist
  • 👊Oncoming Fist
  • 🤛Left-Facing Fist
  • 🤜Right-Facing Fist
  • 👏Clapping Hands
  • 🙌Raising Hands
  • 👐Open Hands
  • 🤲Palms Up Together
  • 🤝Handshake
  • 🙏Folded Hands
  • ✍️Writing Hand
  • 💅Nail Polish
  • 🤳Selfie
  • 💪Flexed Biceps
  • 🦾Mechanical Arm
  • 🦿Mechanical Leg
  • 🦵Leg
  • 🦶Foot
  • 👂Ear
  • 🦻Hearing Aid
  • 👃Nose
  • 🧠Brain
  • 🦷Tooth
  • 🦴Bone
  • 👀Eyes
  • 👁️Eye
  • 👅Tongue
  • 👄Mouth

Body Hand Emoji Text Collection

As you interact with people around you, there are times when you might want to simply use a body part or hand emoji to express something.

For example, you can use a wide range of hand gestures or body part emoji text symbols, such as an OK sign, a welcoming hand gesture, a clap, or a handshake.

When used at the right time, these cute and cuddly emoji can soften up conversations that might otherwise be stiff.

They can also bring a smile to the other person’s face.

However, too much body and hand emoji abuse can come across as mischievous, so it’s best to use them in moderation.