Emoji Halloween🎃🧟 Copy and paste👻

  • 🎃jack-o-lantern
  • 🧛vampire
  • 🕯️candle
  • 🪓axe
  • 🗡️dagger
  • 🧝elf
  • 🧞genie
  • 🧟zombie
  • 🦇bat
  • 🕷️spider
  • 🕸️spider web
  • 👻ghost
  • ☠️skull and crossbones
  • 💀skull
  • 🤡clown face
  • 🦸superhero
  • 🦹supervillain
  • 🥀wilted flower
  • 🍫chocolate bar
  • 🍬candy
  • 🍭lollipop
  • 🔪kitchen knife
  • 🏚️derelict house
  • 🛸flying saucer
  • 🌕full moon
  • 🌚new moon face
  • 🔮crystal ball
  • ⛓️chains
  • 💉syringe
  • 🩸drop of blood
  • ⚰️coffin
  • 🥳partying face
  • 😈smiling face with horns
  • 👿angry face with horns
  • 👹ogre
  • 👺goblin
  • 👽alien
  • 🧠brain
  • 🦴bone
  • 👁️eye

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